Research Activities

  • Prof. RNDr. P. Anzenbacher, DrSc.
    Drug metabolism - cytochromes P450 inter-individual differences, drug interactions.
    Since 2005, Prof. Anzenbacher is president of the European Association for Cytochrome P450 Research (
    More about Prof. Anzenbacher working group:
  • Doc. RNDr. N. Škottová, CSc.
    Experimental and clinical pharmacology of hypolipidemics and natural substances.
  • Prof. MUDr. J. Jezdinský, CSc.
    Anti-inflammatory drugs, their action, locally applied NS AIDs.
  • Doc. MUDr. M. Grundmann, CSc.
    Clinical pharmacology, therapeutic drug monitoring.
  • Doc. MUDr. K. Urbánek, Ph.D.
    Pharmacoepidemiology, drug utilization research, focussed on antibiotics and elderly patients.
  • Doc. MUDr. R. Večeřa, Ph.D.
    Hypolipidemic effects of drugs of natural and synthetic origin, pleitropic effects, metabolic syndrome.
  • MUDr. J. Strojil
    Pharmacoepidemiology, drug utilization research.
  • Mgr. V. Mašek, Ph.D.
    New methods in studies of drug metabolism at the molecular level.
  • Bc. A. Veinlichová
    Drug metabolism.
  • MUDr. D. Hajdu
    Pharmacoepidemiology, drug utilization research.

Grant projects (2009)

  • Pleiotropic effects of hypolipidemics.
    COST B25.003, Prof. RNDr. Pavel Anzenbacher, DrSc.
  • Porcine enzymes of biotransformation.
    COST 861. 001, Prof. RNDr. Pavel Anzenbacher, DrSc.
  • Modulation of signalling and regulatory pathways in normal and cancer cell.
    MSM 6198959216, Head of the project: Prof. Ing. Miroslav Strnad, CSc., cooperation: Prof. RNDr. Pavel Anzenbacher, DrSc. and doc. RNDr. Nina Škottová, CSc.
  • Interference of probiotics with factors determining pharmacolokinetics of drugs.
    GAČR 305/08/0535, Head of the project: RNDr. Zdeněk Zídek, DrSc., cooperation: prof. RNDr. Pavel Anzenbacher, DrSc.
  • Nanomedicine (nanoparticular and supramolecular systems for drug targeting).
    KAN 200200651, Head of the project: Prof. RNDr. Blanka Říhová, DrSc., cooperation: Prof. RNDr. Pavel Anzenbacher, DrSc.

Other research activites

Members of the Department are involved in activities for Faculty Hospital Olomouc (Consilia, drug utilization, optimization of drug prescription and therapy). Assoc. Prof. K. Urbánek, Ph.D. is a Chairman of the Editorial Board of the journal Klinická farmakologie a farmacie (in 2009, vol. 23).